MT Tape

Get creative with the colourful Japanese washi tapes, MT Tape.  Washi Tape is a type of masking tape that's perfect for sticking, wrapping, decorating, writing.…the possibilities are endless! It peel's off and doesn’t leave a mark! The "wa" in "washi" means Japanese and the "shi" means paper. You can reposition it easily, you can tear it by hand (no scissors needed) and it's even easy to write on. - We love it!
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Lilac striped Washi Tape

Lilac striped Washi Tape£2.95   £1.50

Neon Green MT Tape

Neon Green MT Tape£2.95   £1.50

Neon Yellow Washi Tape

Neon Yellow Washi Tape£2.95   £1.50

Yellow Striped Washi Tape

Yellow Striped Washi Tape£2.95   £1.50


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