Sunday, 5 November 2017  |  Sarah

Having just put the ‘Christmas’ category up on the Vibrant Home navigation, it’s made me realise how quickly the year has gone – and reminded me to give you an update on the new products we have bought to our store. I wanted to highlight three new exciting brands we are bringing to you:

The first of these is Orla Kiely. I’ve long been a fan of her stationery which incorporates her classic, as well as her latest designs. The Orla Kiely products are of such a “high” quality and are a joy to use and give as a gift  – I’ve already nabbed a pen for myself…

Our second new brand is the Ecoffee cup. This is a new generation of reusable travel coffee cup (reduce the need for landfill!!) made of bamboo fibre that is both strong, insulating, dishwasher proof and does not alter the taste of the drink you use it for. These cups come in a range of colours, including the beautiful William Morris designs and include a co-ordinating silicone lid and band. We love our coffee at Vibrant Home and believe that these Ecoffee cups complement our existing range of Joco Cup’s, that we also love.

Finally, we are bringing online the Artisan Rugs and Mats that we sourced during our travels in Portugal this summer. These are beautifully made with a lovely weight and feel and will compliment your home. Each of these rugs and mats are hand woven so we only have a few of each colour and size.

We invite you to delve into our new and existing ranges this Autumn and take advantage of our current 10% discount offer on any items in your basket, simply enter the discount code ‘winter’ at checkout (valid until 31 December 2017).



Ecoffee travel cup Orla Kiely stationery

Wednesday, 13 September 2017  |  Admin

I don’t know about you, but for our family the Summer has shot by. Part of this may be due to the ‘inclement’ weather, but also it has been busy with day trips, a holiday and exploring new products to love and share on Vibrant Home. Now however we are back to work and school and busy getting beautiful new things onto our site.

Over the summer we managed to get away on holiday to Portugal - the home of textiles. It’s amazing what Vibrant Home goodies we managed to fit in the car for the trip back - but more of this in my next post. Portugal was hot hot hot, what a shock to get back to September in the UK. Huge thanks to Jane and Pip on our team who dealt with all of the packing and couriers whilst we were away - and thank you for the lovely comments on how wonderfully your deliveries had been wrapped, Jane and Pip loved the feedback.

This week we received the latest Melamine collection from Rice DK, called ‘Remember to Dance’ - great timing with the start of the new series of ’Strictly Come Dancing’ :-). This collection is  gorgeous - unfortunately it is so new the ‘official’ pictures are not even available yet, so I’ve had to embrace my inner photographer and take my own (so not quite the normal standard…).

Also just in is the new stationery collection from Emma Bridgewater - as always fantastic quality and beautiful prints.
To see our latest productsIf you want to keep up with the latest additions to our collection, Click Here
Having just finished our ‘holiday’ buying trip as well as the Autumn trade shows there are a lot more new products and designs on the way, so keep an eye out for my next posts.

Hopefully September will provide us a little more sun before our Summer ends, and as it says on the Melamine - 'Remember to Dance’ and if you would like a 10% discount use the code ‘dance’ at checkout (valid until 30 September 2017).
Rice DK Melamine Remember to Dance plate  Rice DK Dancer melamine plate cup bowl

Friday, 2 June 2017  |  Sarah

Hello Summer,

The sun is shining and Summer has begun, it’s time to head outside smiley

We were off to the Suffolk Show this week, so our picnic bag was packed with lots of colourful melamine and English Strawberries and other goodies to enjoy. Just love this time of year.

Have you seen the new RICE melamine collection of fun bright colours and patterns in cups, plates and bowls? Why not treat yourself to a few new bits to mix and match with your existing collection. Then it will be time to lay your Summer table (have your seen the Raffia placements?), add the paper napkins by Meri Meri, invite your friends, light the barbecue, put the Rosé on ice and enjoy your summertime celebrations....

Or, how about packing a picnic, it’s all about enjoying the sun, each other’s company, great food and last but not least all the amazing summer colours of nature. The location is all up to you, in the garden, a trip to the beach, in the woods, in the park… just go wherever your mind takes you and if the weather lets you down enjoy a picnic in your living room!

So have fun this summer and enjoy 10% off by using the code ‘picnic’ – just enter at checkout.


raffia blue green placemat summer dining table rice dk   Beach Summer Shopping basket Red Check Picnic Rug blanket Rice DK

Wednesday, 8 February 2017  |  Sarah

Hello to you,

Winter is still here, but Spring is around the corner – just keep dreaming of longer, warmer days, blue skies and the gorgeous colours that Spring brings.

We as a family have already been very busy this year, visiting Trade shows, researching websites and browsing catalogues looking for an array of beautiful things to bring you. This year we are focusing on spending more time together as a family and the collection that we have put together hopefully emphasis this.

Very aptly, the new collection by RICE is called “Today is Fun” and we have chosen beautiful melamine, picnic blankets and cushions to emphasis this. The new baskets are the perfect size to take to the park after school, put in a couple of melamine cups, a bottle of juice and fill a colourful box with Homemade treats and enjoy the time together. At the weekend when time can be a little more plentiful then pack a sandwich, let the children help.

For the garden this year, we thought we would have fun with colour and have introduced into the collection pretty ceramic Bird Baths as well as gorgeous Hand Trowels and Forks to make the gardening more fun.

But in the meantime whilst the weather is still chilly and you are out and about, don’t forget to take your coffee with you in one of the gorgeous travel cups from either Caroline Gardner or Joco – you can even take them to your local coffee shop and ask for your coffee to be made in your cup, thus saving a (non-recyclable) paper one . If we stop just a handful of paper coffee cups going in the bin then we are happy – every little bit helps.

I hope you all enjoy our new collections and we look forward to sharing it all with you by offering you 10% off with the code Spring10, in the meantime keep warm and dream about the Spring time that will soon be here - I know we all will.


Rice DK Raffia Basket Leaves and Flower print melamine SS17 picnic

Friday, 23 December 2016  |  Sarah

Dear All

Happy Christmas and thank you for all your support and lovely comments during the year. We hope to bring you lots of lovely new colourful things for your home and family during 2017 and continue to grow our collection.

Enjoy this festive season with all your family and friends whether near or far. Have fun in 2017 Happy Christmas.


Sunday, 23 October 2016  |  Sarah

Hello to you,

Summer is but a distant memory but Autumn has arrived with all its glorious colours!

I love this time of year when you can begin to wrap up warm in nice colourful jumpers and wrap a scarf round your neck, or perhaps spend a Sunday afternoon sitting before a log fire. This autumn we have introduced the little extras into our growing range from Rice, adding Baby Soft Alpaca Wool scarves and blankets which are just perfect for those chilly days and evenings.

The new melamine collection also by Rice, brings the fun colours of the season into your home, so mix and match some of the new prints with your existing collection to create an instant update. Maybe treat yourself to one of the Tall melamine cups, which are just ideal for your morning latte on the school run, just add a colourful lid of your choice.

As the Christmas Season is fast approaching, this year think about making your gifts sustainable and reusable. As examples, look at a reusable coffee cup from Joco or a water bottle by Ello, both of these use toughened glass rather than plastic, so your drink tastes better and you can reduce the amount of rubbish landfill – every little bit helps!! The gift of a Handmade Raffia Basket, (which are gorgeous) goes towards supporting more than 300 families on the Red Island in Madagascar. And last but certainly not least all the beautiful melamine is BPA Free.

I hope you all enjoy our new collections and we look forward to sharing it all with you by offering you 10% off with the code Autumn10, in the meantime enjoy kicking through the Autumn leaves - I know we all will.

To you all, have fun and enjoy the Autumn.



Saturday, 23 July 2016  |  Admin

The summer holidays have finally arrived, the kids are off school and the sunshine has arrived – long may it last. Not sure about you, but my plans for the summer break are in full swing – with long lazy days involving picnics, hikes in the countryside and time at the beach. I’m really pleased and proud to have teamed up with the Little Beach Hut Company to add Vibrant Home’s colourful melamine to their series of beach huts.

This summer Vibrant Home has been sending beautiful packages across the world (our melamine gets to go to more exotic destinations than we do, but we love our corner of North Essex).

When packing your picnic basket don’t forget to take your brightly coloured melamine cups and plates. Our additions this year have included the ‘Go for Fun’ melamine collection from Rice as well as the colourful plastic boxes to store and carry your picnic goodies.

For our hikes in the countryside we have made good use of the fantastic glass water bottles by Ello which avoid the taste of plastic in your drinks whilst being hardy enough to cope with the rigors of a family outing.

Over the last few weeks, Vibrant Home have launched a new Baby and Toddler collection from Rice which includes beautiful baby bed linen (available in the next few weeks), muslin squares (an essential) and bibs, with coordinating melamine and storage baskets. These make beautiful gifts (or just treat yourself). We intend to grow this collection over the coming months.

Whatever you are doing this summer, whether you are staying at home or going further afield, enjoy life and remember ‘Live Life in Colour’. Use discount code 'summer10' to get a 10% discount on all your goodies before the end of August.


Baby and Toddler collection from Rice DK  Ice Cream in Rice DK Melamine Cups



Friday, 29 April 2016  |  Sarah

Hello to you,

April is whizzing by and it feels like Spring is still to arrive, as the weather has been so unpredictable!

I must start by first saying a Big Thank you to Andy who packed all your lovely parcels whilst we had a two week family holiday over the Easter break. We thoroughly enjoyed our time away and have come back with so many ideas (some from the children as well as our own) for Vibrant Home over the coming months.

Following our holiday, we then went to Denmark for two days as guests of Rice DK where we had so much fun viewing the new Autumn / Winter collection and dare I say it placing our first Autumn order for 2016! The new melamine collection is full of gorgeous prints and colours and the Raffia toy baskets are divine. Best of all is the new baby collection, of which all will be revealed later this summer – we have fallen in love with it and hope you will to.  We have also added the Rice ceramic coffee cups to our collection, which we will have by the beginning of May. We were reluctant to add these coffee cups as we were unsure how user friendly they would be as they do not have a handle, being a ceramic version of the melamine cup. But upon trying the cups in the Riceteria (Rice have their very own coffee shop in Odense in Denmark) we found they were easy to hold and your hands didn’t get hot and a colourful long handled melamine spoon was added to stir our latte’s then scoop out the foam - perfect!

Hopefully the weather will now start to turn sunny and we can all get out in the garden and think about alfresco living and long summer picnics. As you would expect Vibrant Home has lots of colourful and pretty melamine for your summer garden parties and from the Emma Bridgewater collection we have the Polka Dot print picnic bags and blankets and more.

I hope you all enjoy our new collections and we look forward to sharing it all with you by offering you 10% off with the code Spring10, in the meantime enjoy the spring flowers and dreaming of summer.

To you all, have fun and enjoy the Spring.


Vibrant Home visit to Rice DK in Denmark - Riceteria, Raffia Toy boxes, melamine cups and plates


1 CommentSunday, 28 February 2016  |  Sarah

Hello to you,

As I write this blog, spring is just round the corner with all its’ beautiful colours. In the garden we already have the first of the spring flowers with the beautiful yellow of the daffodils and the purples of the first iris and crocus.  

As a family we have been busy as per normal with all things school based and the weekend activities that two children always seem to have! However, with the days getting longer we are turning our thoughts to spring, which is now firmly on the horizon; it’s the perfect time to bring some sun, life and colour to your kitchen and dining. With bright coloured melamine cups and plates with the most amazing prints just perfect for alfresco living or the kitchen table, you’ll find everything you need for a springtime kitchen and dining revival.

From Rice we loved the new melamine collection; especially the Butterfly print and both children thought the neon melamine cups were fab. Grace my daughter loves the beautiful new Princess raffia baskets, whilst Simon my husband choose the colourful acrylic wine glasses (think he was dreaming of alfresco living this summer!). I have chosen the new Heart collection of stationery from the British Designer Caroline Gardner, as her range is so stylish and practical and is also ideal to give as a gift. We have also chosen lots of other lovely things that will be on the website over the next few weeks – so keep checking the latest additions by your favourite designers.

This spring we are adding another British Designer to our collection – Win Green. I first bought Win Green about eight years ago and it is still much used and in perfect condition today (excellent quality). Win Green design and make the most amazing children’s fabric play houses and accessories and we know that you will love them and we feel that they will complement the collection by Rice. 

I hope you all enjoy our new collections and we look forward to sharing it all with you by offering you 10% off with the code Happy10, in the meantime enjoy the spring flowers and the sound of the Woodpecker’s in the woods, as spring is defiantly on its way.

To you all, have fun and enjoy the early Spring.



Rice melamine butterfly sailor swim colourful

Thursday, 8 October 2015  |  Sarah

Hello to all of you,

Autumn has arrived with all its beautiful colours, crisp mornings and sunny days. We think that autumn is the perfect time to take life at a slower pace, time to take stock, and enjoy the simple pleasures of cooking, crafting or gardening, or just venturing outside for a walk in the sunshine.

As a family we have been making the most of the glorious autumn weather and were even lucky enough to have a picnic last weekend. The children have been busy apple picking, and have made a stall to sell the apples from. In the kitchen we have been making plenty of apple crumbles for the freezer as well as harvesting the last of our runner beans.

In early September, as a family we went to the Autumn Trade shows to choose some lovely things for Vibrant Home. I love having the children’s input into the collection and I hope you do as well. We have chosen colourful enamelware for the gardener from the Sophie Conran collection at Burgon & Ball, and new colourful folding raffia Toy Baskets from Rice, as well as lots of other fun goodies. But our favourite has to be the colourful collection of bathroom toothbrush holders and racing car doorstops from British designers J-Me Designs – so much fun.

This season we have also added the beautiful Emma Bridgewater stationery collection to our range (and yes the pencil case has already found its way into my daughter’s school bag!) together with her new range of pretty cake tins. Over the next few weeks the new Happy Jackson collection will be arriving and we hope you will love the fun mugs and coasters ( I have to admit my favourite coaster has the words “Wine I Love You!”) which will make a perfect gift for Christmas.

Take time to enjoy the next few weeks of autumn, because before we know it the Christmas season will be upon us.

To you all, have fun and enjoy your autumn.


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